Why Digi Donkey?

What Makes Us So Great?

If you have avoided creating a website for your company due to the possible expense then you are missing out on a large customer base and costing your business revenue. It is vital to have a strong and vibrant internet presence that draws in customers from areas of the state, country and world that may have never otherwise had a chance to know that you are out there. Affordable web design is what Digi Donkey offers.

Instead of bragging about our vast experience and great service here are some other unique reasons to go with Digi Donkey for your next project.

No Bait & Switch Estimates

We don’t submit low-ball estimates to get a job and then rack up a ton of additional charges for the final bill. We provide estimates based on the ACTUAL time we believe it will take to complete a job. We’ve built enough websites to know how long stuff should take.

We’re Upfront With The Consequences Of Your Requests

Many things client's request can blow up the cost of a project when added mid-stream. Sometimes a request as simple as, “can you move this from here to there?”, can add hours and hundreds of dollars to a project. We’ll let you know BEFORE we do the work if your request will have serious financial ramifications.


Frankly, if an idea sucks we’ll be upfront with you about it. Sometimes people fall in love with their vision and it clouds their decision making ability. Due to our years of experience, we’ve got a pretty good idea as to what works online and what doesn’t. We’re not afraid to advise you to walk away from something if we believe it is in your best interest.


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